Privacy Policy

Foobe Trading Limited (Reg. No. ΗΕ 364991)
Legal address: 13 Kypranoros Str., 2nd Floor, Office 201, 1061,
Nicosia , Cyprus

Foobetrading Limited created the website with the domain name to serve its customers and it is designed to meet the needs of its users in a simple and user-friendly way. For your convenience, it is important to understand that you must provide certain information, concerning the ordering process, which is safeguarded by us.

The use of the website automatically indicates acceptance and consent of the present of Personal Data Protection Act statement as well as the Terms and Conditions of the use of the website.

Currently determined a method to collect data from website and the use of such data. Currently refers only to personal data that you provide to us during your order.

The information voluntarily provided by the website users, is used by, thus users have a direct and effective communication with the online store, to provide them with answers to questions and ultimately successfully complete their orders. Information collected by website, has as its object to measure the number of website visitations, determining the customer demands for more products and facilitating them with the transactions with the company. does not give to any other organization or partner who is not associated with Foobetrading Limited, e-mail addresses or any other information concerning its customers.

The website has been designed in such way so that users can visit without having to reveal their identity. Visitors of the website are required to provide personal data only if they want to place an order or registering as member or sending an email.

The collects data when the user provides upon registration, or information provided by the user to execute its purchase order, information provided by the user participating in various competitions. When carrying out an order you will be asked for your email address, name, address, zip code, phone number and your credit card and payment method. You may be asked for information such as shipping information, delivery, billing or any other details necessary to complete your transaction. uses the information provided in order to contact you regarding the delivery of your order, for confirmation and identification of the customer, for providing information concerning new or alternative products, special offers, gifts delivered after a contest. During registration or later you are able to choose whether you wish to receive our newsletter or other such communications.

Every order completion requires the collection of personal information to deliver or to book an order. Furthermore, during the first use of the credit card, one may be asked for identification documents of the rightful owner thus securing ownership. Identification document or evidence certifying and declaring the identity of the client remains strictly confidential. By submitting your personal data means you accept that your data can be used by, for the reasons mentioned above. In no other circumstances will give away your personal information without your consent, unless required to do so by the relevant courts. may use cookies as part of the operation of the website. Cookies are small files that are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites to function effectively, to collect the user’s choices, to identify frequent users, facilitate access and collect data for the improvement of the website in general. These cookies do not damage the hardware or the software of the user. The use of cookies helps us provide you with certain information and to place your orders. The cookies are strictly necessary for the smooth operation of the website.

Its members confirm that the information provided at registration and at any time, are complete and correct. They are also obliged to inform immediately of any changes in the information they provided during registration, renewing the relating personal information. The validity, accuracy and completeness of the information is solely responsibility of its members users are allowed to modify and delete data and information submitted to If you choose to delete data or information,, will delete that data or information from its records as soon as possible. For the safety and security of the users, an attempt will be made to confirm his identity. For access, modification and deletion of your personal data please contact us. Changing your personal data can also be carried out via the Account Maintenance page of your account.

To enter, use your E-mail and Password. During registration , will ask you to create a security code (Password) . It is your obligation and responsibility to safeguard it. For safety reasons we recommend that you on keeping this password confidential and NOT TO reveal or communicate it to any other person. Furthermore it is advisable not to use predictable or easily detectable passwords.

Your E-mail and Security Code (Password), provide safe access to your personal information each time you submit it. You are solely responsible for maintaining privacy from third parties, and for all activities, actions taken and orders placed under your E-mail and Password, and your account in general. You are solely responsible for your own damage or that of from access by any non-unauthorized third party with your security codes. In this case is considered that you have acted and taken actions thus assumes no responsibility. In addition you’re solely responsible for the careful use of your account and exit (Logout) from your account at the end of each use. If you know or suspect that any other unauthorized person is aware of your Password, you must notify us immediately at . If believes that the website may be in jeopardy or be misused, you may be asked to change your Password, or even may discontinue, cancel or suspend the operation of your account. does everything possible in order to safeguard your personal data. However, the privacy of your personal passwords entering the website depends on you.

For any problems regarding the operation of the website please contact us at info@foobetrading.comor any other questions at . is committed to safeguard of the data collected from the website users. has adopted procedures that protect personal data submitted by its users.

The payment process via credit card is done with collaboration of Eccompay Limited which provides and ensures the implementation of all necessary safety standards. Your credit card details are submitted directly by you to the online application of the Eccompay Limited. Eccompay Limited encrypt all personal information of your credit card. The security check is based on a unique password key thus ensuring data encryption sent over the connection. Have in mind that, throughout the process of your online transaction, does not have access to the complete credit card details and therefore assumes no responsibility.

Every time you enter your personal information or data regarding online payment on the website, your internet navigation software (browser) enters in secure mode to encrypt the information you sent. To verify that you are in a secure online transactions environment, notice on yours browser command line. Normally you should see a closed lock. With the use of the website means on your behalf the acceptance this process.

The most common procedure of online fraud is to send an e-mail (E-mail) motivates you to visit a “spoofed” website and refresh the password (Password) you. If you receive such a “suspicious” electronic mail (e-mail) ignore it. In no event will not ever send such e-mail (E-mail). may cancel or challenge your registration according to its own discretion or if you have breached any one of your responsibilities as described in the Terms and Conditions.

You can unsubscribe anytime you wish, informing us via e-mail (e-mail) at info@foobetrading,com . If you do so, you owe it at the same time to stop and to refrain from any use of the website. The suspension or cancellation of your registration and your right to use the website not affect the rights until then.

We recommend you to read the present document in order to be notified of any changes to the content of the privacy Data Protection Act Policy. This policy may be amended and without prior notice to users.