Peasant sauce

In addition to being organic, the tomato used comes from a certified supply chain. All the ingredients used are of the highest quality. This sauce in particular, was born from research carried out in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples to bring back the scents and flavors of the past.


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A tasty and appetizing sauce, which according to the principles of the best Mediterranean tradition, combines fresh tomatoes with greedy vegetables and Bioitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The simple recipe used for the preparation of the peasant sauce is the secret that makes it “homemade”. We start, in fact, with a sauté of fresh, cleaned, washed and diced fresh vegetables in Bioitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. After a few minutes, blend with the wine, add the Bioitalia tomato pulp and let the sauce cook. When cooked, our peasant sauce is ready to be potted and then sterilized, so as to guarantee all the necessary freshness and safety.

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Organic tomato pulp (69%), organic carrots (10%), organic basil (10%), organic onion (4.2%), organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic potato starch, organic white wine, sea salt, organic potato flakes, organic garlic, ascorbic acid

Nutritional Values

nutritional values ​​per 100g:

energy 390kj – 94kcal
fat 7.8g of which saturated 1.1g
carbohydrate 4.8g of which sugars 2.5g
fiber 1g
protein 0.7g
salt 1.1g


It can be used on pasta or pizza, without having to be heated.

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