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OK!FatBurn Coffee 150g – Nature’s Finest

OK!FatBurn Coffee is the perfect way to start your day if you want to lose weight. With L-carnitine, elderberry and guarana extract, this coffee drink helps to accelerate fat burning, lower food cravings and suppress the feeling of hunger. It also provides a natural energy boost so you can get up and going in the morning. OK!FatBurn Coffee is also beneficial for your digestion, helping you to feel your best. And with its weight control properties, this coffee drink is the perfect way to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Turn your coffee-drinking ritual into a fat-burning shortcut!

8 out of 10 users reported losing weight in the first 14 days of use!



Weight loss has never been this easy!

With natural active ingredients that speed up fat burning, suppress the feeling of hunger, help digestion and control body weight – your perfect body is just a cup of coffee away!

  • If you often crave snacks, sweets or unhealthy food
  • Tedn to overeat or eat when you are bored
  • Get tired with every weight loss attempt
  • Want to burn more fat
  • And like the taste of coffee – then this is the SOLUTION you have been waiting for!

Order your OK!FatBurn Coffee today and turn your coffee-drinking ritual into a fat-burning shortcut!



  •  Helps to accelerate fat burning
  •  Lowers food cravings and suppresses the feeling of hunger
  •  It has a beneficial effect on digestion
  •  Helps you to control your weight
  •  Boosts energy and reduces fatigue


Per 100g
Energy value 1328,97 kJ
Fat 2,24g
Saturated fat 1,98g
Carbohydrates 62g
of which sugars 14g
Fiber 20,89g
Protein 2,14g
Salt 0,2g
Per serving (10g)
L-carnitine 200 mg
Coffee extract 500 mg
Guarana extract 100 mg
Elderberry extract 50 mg
Caffeine 62 mg

*  dietary reference value

Weight 150 g


Nature's Finest

Nature's Finest


Rice drink powder (rice, oat beta-glucans, sunflower oil, salt), acacia gum, coffee extract, coffee aroma, stabiliser: cellulose powder, L-carnitine, guarana extract, elderberry extract.


How and why it works?

With active ingredients, L-carnitine, elderberry and guarana extract, this delicious drink helps to speed up fat metabolism and promotes weight loss. Caffeine from coffee and guarana will increase energy and alertness.

Who is it suitable for?

It’s suitable for anyone who wants to burn fat, lose weight and improve their physique while enjoying a delicious coffee drink.

What ingredients does it contain?

Rice drink powder, acacia gum, coffee extract, coffee aroma, L-carnitine, guarana extract, elderberry extract.

What does it taste like?

OK!FatBurn Coffee has a pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee.





Stir 10 g (1 tablespoon) of OK!FatBurn Coffee mixture into a cup (150 ml) of hot water or (plant) milk.

The recommended daily amount or dose should not be exceeded. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Store in a dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children!

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