About Us

Committed to deliver premium and innovative food and beverages products to the Cyprus consumer for a healthy eating and a balanced dietary.

Our premium brands are leading in sports Nutrition, Bio and Health Food Products, Vegan and Gluten free products and snacks, Vitamin, Minerals & Supplements.


Foobe! is the dedicated and devoted to providing convenient Bio products and ingredients that support peoples’ efforts to prepare wholesome, great-tasting, better-for-you foods at home and also to enrich their existing diets with healthy snacks and beverages.

  • Importer of premium Bio products ​
  • Foobe! is committed to providing consumers with great-tasting bio food without any additives or impurities​
  • Foobe! provides options that are healthier, convenient, and easy to use​
  • Foobe! products are simple, versatile and inspiring
Supporting Value


Providing products that connect people to food, and to one another through the shared experiences in the kitchen or home.

Supporting Value


Using only the ingredients necessary to create products that are healthy, convenient, and easy to use.

Core Value


Always being genuine, taking responsibility, and being accountable. An unwavering commitment to our values

Supporting Value


Ensuring that our products and practices are good for our customer's health, and the health of the planet.

Supporting Value


Providing the best available ingredients combined with the highest production standards.