Herbapol super slim


hibiscus flower (58%), yerba mate leaf (20%), aromas, apple, fucus (2.5%), green tea (2%), lemongrass (2%), blackberry leaf, Garcinia cambogia extract (1 %), dried grapefruit juice (0.5%), dried acai juice (0.5%)


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Super Slim slimming and cleansing dietary supplement is a composition of many ingredients, including: yerba mate, seaweed, hibiscus flower.

Yerba mate:
– helps to maintain a healthy body weight,
– facilitates fat burning
– supports the removal of waste products.

– helps to maintain a healthy body weight,
– supports the natural functions of the digestive system by increasing the amount of fiber in the diet,
– fucus is a natural source of iodine.

– contributes to the maintenance of proper energy metabolism.

Hibiscus flower:
– supports the excretion of water from the body,
– contributes to the proper functioning of the urinary system,
– helps to reduce the symptoms of physical and mental fatigue.

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