ByRokko Shine Brown Tropical Tanning Cream 150ml

Unleash your inner bronzed goddess with ByRokko Shine Brown Tropical Tanning Cream! This 150ml powerhouse is specifically designed to maximize your tan and give you that sun-kissed glow you’ve been craving. Our innovative tanning enhancer complex works wonders on all skin types, delivering rapid, stunning results without any greasy residue. The ultra-light formula is perfect for sunbed sessions, while the blend of nourishing oils and butters keeps your skin healthy and radiant.

Don’t settle for anything less than the ultimate tan – experience the magic of ByRokko and transform your tanning game today!

Quick results long-lasting For all skin types


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Meet the new revolutionary superactive Shine Brown Tropical tanning cream. This cream boasts an even lighter structure than the bestselling Chocolate and Watermelon creams – its formulation includes water components that will give your skin a super moisturising effect! ByRokko assures you it is something completely different from all the others you might have tried before – and they can state that it is their best yet! Chocolate and Watermelon creams – its formulation includes water components that will give your skin a super moisturising effect!

Tropical Cream is a skincare and tanning product combined! The cream contains a tanning enhancer complex that will help you achieve your deepest natural tan faster – either in the sun or in sunbeds.

But it also includes a tropical mix of oils and kinds of butter that’ll leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day long. These natural ingredients will solve all the problems with dry and malnourished skin after sunbathing since they can help your skin to regenerate quickly. This cream will, therefore, generously condition your skin and make it wonderfully soft.

The easiest way to achieve an exotically seductive, tropical-scented tan! This new dreamy tropical formula promises a bronze skin colour, a shiny and tanned complexion, and a soft, spreadable, deliciously lightweight texture. Its irresistible tropical fragrance will become your constant beach and sunbed companion.

What’s Inside?

Everything your skin needs for the perfect, deep bronze.

  • Cacao butter is the no. 1 tanning ingredient which will make you tan faster and preserve the tan once you get it.
  • Moisturizing agents such as glycerin which provide the skin with moisturising effects.
  • Shea butter is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types since it regenerates and softens the skin.
  • Vitamins E and B are powerful antioxidants with amazing, caring properties.
  • Carrot oil for sun-ready and strengthened skin.

Warning: This product does not provide UV protection. We don’t recommend you use this product on children or people with sensitive skin. For people with very light skin, we recommend using SPF before applying Shine Brown cream. Not for consumption! Avoid direct sun exposure between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.




ByRokko Cares

Chemical nasties? No, thanks. Tested on animals? Definitely not. Only premium ingredients? Yes, of course!

ByRokko takes no shortcuts in bringing you the best for your skin. Our products contain only the finest natural, nourishing ingredients loved by every skin type.

All topped with our exclusive Shine Brown™ formula & the famous scent that will take you to a tropical paradise.


Have a question? We got answers! Find yours below or contact our support.

Where can I use this product?

Use it on the desired body areas before sunbathing by the poolside or beach side or relaxing in a sunbed. Make sure to rub it well into the skin. It is also recommended as an aftersun care, as it moisturizing and nourishes the skin well.

Does it leave any marks on clothes?

No, the cream leaves no marks on the clothes! Just make sure you spread it well on the skin and let it absorb for a few minutes.

I really struggle to tan, will this help?

It sure will! We recommend applying your Shine Brown Tropical Cream first and letting it settle into your skin. Now just wait in the sun or in a sunbed to see the magic happen.

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