ByRokko Shine Brown Chocolate Tanning Cream 200ml

Indulge in the luxurious ByRokko Shine Brown Chocolate Tanning Cream and experience the ultimate sun-kissed glow.

This Super XXL fast bronzing cream is specially formulated to give you an intense chocolate tan with minimal sun or sunbed exposure. Its mouthwatering chocolate scent will captivate your senses, while the BYROKKO ™ formula ensures rapid results in no time. Infused with a nourishing blend of butter and oils, your skin will feel pampered and hydrated during sun exposure.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace this divine tanning experience that’s perfect for all skin types. Don’t wait – treat yourself to ByRokko’s decadent tanning cream today!

Chemical Free  nurtures & hydrates your skin For all skin types


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Shine Brown Chocolate Cream for an intense XXL tan is the absolute dream! After many hours of work into it ByRokko is happy to present this delicious mixture with a perfect texture and easy-to-spread formula that will melt into your skin immediately. It contains only the best quality butters and oils and smells heavenly, just like the actual chocolate.
Expect exceptional, rich, intense results regardless of skin type & enjoy the natural bronzing experience with our best-selling formula that nurtures and hydrates your skin.
Just like other tanning products from the Shine Brown family, this tanning hero enhances tan acceleration, providing a deep, rich and radiant sun-kissed colour. It will get you as tanned as chocolate very fast while caring deeply for your skin.
It is very rich in texture, soft to the touch, completely non-sticky, and immediately melts like chocolate when you rub it into the skin. Due to its fast absorption, you can use more of it, which means you’ll achieve a deeper and darker tan with less time in the sun. This way, you can make the most of your sunbathing time!
This superior cream is a game changer and nothing like other creams you’ve tried before. If you’re looking for something to boost your tanning potential and give you lots of confidence, this is it!
It works great in tanning beds or the sun and will become your go-to holiday and summer essential after you try it, as we thought about everything your skin needs to achieve the best tanning results. It also comes with the best BYROKKO fragrance so far, the smell of delicious chocolate!

What’s Inside?

Everything your skin needs for the perfect, deep chocolate bronze.

  • Cacao butter is the no. 1 tanning ingredient which will make you tan faster and preserve the tan once you get it.
  • Coconut butter is perfect for skin care, making your skin hydrated, soft and smooth.
  • Shea butter is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types since it regenerates and softens the skin.
  • Walnut oil for a golden glow.
  • kilop[=
  • Carrot oil for sun-ready and strengthened skin
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has exceptional caring properties.

Warning: This product does not provide UV protection. We don’t recommend you use this product on children or people with sensitive skin. For people with very light skin, we recommend using SPF before applying Shine Brown cream. Not for consumption! Avoid direct sun exposure between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.




ByRokko Cares

Chemical nasties? No, thanks. Tested on animals? Definitely not. Only premium ingredients? Yes, of course!

ByRokko takes no shortcuts in bringing you the best for your skin. Our products contain only the finest natural, nourishing ingredients loved by every skin type.

All topped with our exclusive Shine Brown™ formula & the famous scent that will take you to a tropical paradise.


Have a question? We got answers! Find yours below or contact our support.

What can I use this product for?

This is a super fast bronzing cream for an intense golden chocolate tan with a premium BYROKKO™ chocolate scent. You will need to be sun tanning for this product to work, but you can use it in the sun as well as in a sunbed – you will get excellent results there too!

How to use it?

Apply it evenly over the entire body and reapply frequently, especially after swimming and toweling. Avoid exposure to the sun during midday hours (11am – 4pm).

Does it have SPF protection?

This product does not have UV protection. If your skin is fair, we always recommend using SPF under the bronzing cream.

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